The Keys to a Productive Practice

We’ve all experienced those dance practices that end and it seems as if nothing has been accomplished or, equally awful, those practices where you leave more frustrated than when you entered. Here are some tips to guide your dance practice and hopefully leave you with a sense of satisfaction. Continue reading


Identifying Ballroom Music: Practice

Everyone has that song (or ten) that comes on and you think, “That’s my jam.” And, just a guess, there’s a good chance that song isn’t Sting’s Ocean Waltz. Fortunately, in a practice space, you have the power of choice; you are your own D.J. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The music that you choose for practice affects how you dance or there would be no point in dancing to music. Following are a few suggestions on how to use music to enhance your practice.

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Identifying Ballroom Music: Tempo

We’ve all heard that song on the radio that makes us tap our feet and think, “I could dance to this.” And, generally, that’s true. However, competitive ballroom dancers are tied to the tempo of the music. Dance organizations such as the NDCA, USA Dance, WDSF, and others use music within particular tempo ranges for competition. Below is a list of the common dances and their general tempos. Note that tempos change from organization to organization as well as from year to year. As a dancer advances, it is common for tempos to slow to further showcase movement details.

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Date Night: May 21

Do you love DaVinci’s garlic knots and sparkling cider? Want to learn how to dance Rumba? Or love meeting new people?

Well grab a date, your commons crush, or even your best friend and join us this Thursday, May 21st from 8-11 PM for DATE NIGHT at the Skelton Lounge in Chase Hall!

From 8-9pm, we will be teaching the basics of Rumba, ending the rest of the night with fun social dancing. Also, DaVinci’s garlic knots and sparkling cider will be served throughout the night.

There is absolutely no experience required

Hosted by the Bates Ballroom Team

The Value of Cross Training

No one wants to exit the dance floor after a hearty VW or energetic swing huffing and puffing in a seemingly mad attempt to reenact childhood fairytales and blow the walls down. Nor is it particularly desirable as the day goes on for your frame to wane with the sun. This is where cross training comes in. Cross training is simply a series of non-ballroom exercises meant to enhance your performance and stamina on the dance floor.

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