7 Tips for Your Next Private Lesson

Private lessons are expensive, particularly on a college budget. However, at a certain point, a private lesson really benefit your dancing. It's an opportunity for you to receive more personalized instruction on your dancing at your own pace. In the collegiate setting, it may also be a chance to obtain instruction from someone who is … Continue reading 7 Tips for Your Next Private Lesson


The Ballroom Partner Search: Tips and Tricks

Your partner went abroad, transferred, moved, lost interest, or had the nerve to graduate before you. Maybe you were the one to graduate or move elsewhere and begin a new life in a new place. Whatever the cause, you’re searching for a new partner because, let’s face it, ballroom can be addictive. Below are a few … Continue reading The Ballroom Partner Search: Tips and Tricks

Identifying Ballroom Music: Characteristics

The characteristics of ballroom music are closely tied to the characteristics of the ballroom dance. It wouldn't fit to dance a romantic rumba to a heavy metal song or a classy foxtrot to a country tune. Following are some general musical characteristics that go with particular competitive dances. Smooth and Ballroom Waltz: instrumental, often a slow ballad … Continue reading Identifying Ballroom Music: Characteristics