2015 WPI Competition Results

Congratulations all who attended WPI’s 2nd ballroom competition this past weekend. The Bates team had a great showing with all couples placing in multiple final rounds. A special thanks to the Hersh family for their photography and hospitality. For further details on recalls and placement, see o2cm.com. Results are as follows.


  • 5th in Bronze American Rumba
  • 5th in Bronze American Swing
  • 5th in Bronze American Tango
  • 4th in Bronze American Foxtrot
  • 5th in Bronze International Waltz
  • 4th in Bronze International Quickstep


  • 7th in Bronze American Rumba
  • 2nd in Bronze American Waltz
  • 3rd in Bronze American Tango
  • 2nd in Bronze American Foxtrot
  • 3rd in Bronze International Waltz
  • 2nd in Bronze International Quickstep


  • 5th in Bronze American Waltz
  • 7th in Bronze American Foxtrot
  • 7th in Bronze International Quickstep


  • 6th in Silver American Cha/Rumba
  • 6th in Silver American Swing/Mambo
  • 6th in Silver American Foxtrot
  • 6th in Silver American VW

For pictures from Jon Hersh, see: https://www.facebook.com/sam.hersh.54/media_set?set=a.877501575644001.1073741835.100001525012535&type=3

For pictures from BU’s Terrier competition see: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1040695859277983.1073741825.283297951684448&type=3


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