John’s Harvard Notes

Big kudos all around – Saturday was very successful for us as a group.  You all showed quite well and demonstrated both competence and good skills.  That being said, we have work to do.  As you saw, the finalists were not always better in terms of timing or technique.  Most had impeccable frames and posture thought, so that is the first place we need to work.  Timing was also good – and the higher the level, the better the overall timing.  Bronze dancers need to work on making timing more distinct.  Silver dancers need to seriously step up the game – don’t settle for okay – always strive for sharp, crisp, distinct timing!!

I did not see any patterns that made me think “Oooh, we need to do that!”  I did see some better executions of our patterns in some instances (saw a lot of bad execution too, but not from any of you!)  Some general things – Swing needs more hip action from everyone, maybe some bigger movement.   Rumba – we need to sharpen timing and get more turnout – it makes a difference!   Foxtrot – probably our best overall event, but we can still move bigger, be between feet longer and show better frame.  Tango – more distinct timing and inclusion of a few sharp promenades.
Below are some specific notes for all of you – please look them over and I can answer any questions for you tomorrow.  Also, please note that we start Cha-cha and waltz both tomorrow – this will be a particularly important practice.  Please be sure to be there and be on time.
Julius and Julianne
Swing – looked stiff – try to relax and smile.  Try to move more, move hips – try to do more patterns, fewer basics
Foxtrot – Good frame, okay on movement – but as tall as you both are, you should be capable of much bigger movement, smile more
Chris and Hyo Sun
Swing – watch timing – started off once, good job with cuddle, point feet for kicks in 4 kicks,
Chris – try to swing the hips more,relax, looked stiff in last round   Hyo Sun – great smile, good hip movement
Foxtrot – Good movement – still room to grow, good prom pivot, good strong early starts
  Chris try not to drop R arm in UAT
Swing – strong early start, watch dropping of right arm, nice timing, good variety of steps, be sure to change weight on rock step, be careful not to over extend on belly rub, smile more consistently
Foxtrot – Good movement, hand on shoulder blade, good adjustment with bumps that you took, need a tie!
Brian & Sarah  –  Easily your best best overall dancing at any comp – you were egregiously overlooked!
Swing –  Need to smile more, good on 4 kicks, watch over extending arms
   Brian – watch breaking line of the arm with hand   Sarah – keep eyes up
Rumba  –  Smile more    I would like to take Parallel breaks out of your repertoire – doesn’t show especially well, good with X Over breaks
Foxtrot  –  Let’s check timing on Prom to UAT, good on prom pivot, corner rock step timing was rushed
Tango – Brian – left arm up more, good corte
Justin & Jenny – you know what you are doing Justin – you now need to project confidence – still a little stiff
Swing –  move the hips more, basic needs to be small small big, Justin – toes more,  use more patterns overall (fewer basics)
Rumba – Work on posture – be taller, more confident
Foxtrot  – good movement overall,  Justin head left more, looks tentative
Tango  –  Reverse turn needs more work (head turn and foot swivel), good corte,
Jon & Allison – smooth movement very impressive – much bigger than would be expected for your size
Swing –  Allison – try to swing hips, relax
Rumba – good on timing, more relaxed    lower hands for X Over break
Foxtrot –  big movement, nice timing, good variety of patterns, Prom Pivot may need work
Tango – Good basic and corte, strong on Reverse turn, try to work more on alighing feet – more in line
Johan & Hillary
Swing – Johan – avoid loose hands, all of your patterns are strong, good stop and go, 4 kicks, good starts, watch belly rub hand connection, good smiles overall
Rumba – lower hands in rumba walks, good crispness of timing, good cucaracha, good starts, nice crispness of timing
Foxtrot – strong movement, keep left hand higher, tighten promenade position up
Tango – Nice corte, good on fan, good basics, timing can be even sharper, keep left arm up more
Sam & Erin
Swing – Sam – SMILE consistently, good patterns overall – Erin – good job keeping eyes up   Good American spin, good arm work Sam
Rumba – Sam – SMILE consistently OR connect appropriately  continue to work the sharpness of the timing
Foxtrot – Great timing and beautiful gliding feeling – very light and effortless   See me about prom after Twinkle Lock and Spin ending, smiling more in Foxtrot
Tango – nice timing, good shadow work   Sam – watch head position on RT
Jo and Regan
Swing –  good job on sliding doors – watch over extening on sliding door turns
Rumba – nice X overs and good half moons
Foxtrot – movement small (due to knee), but good on hot potato, nice frame, good timing
Tango – timing lacked crispness (knee), frame not as strong here
Andrew & Rachel
Swing – Andrew – happy arms, keep feet more grounded
Rumba – watch overturning/overdoing X Over breaks, timing was better here
Foxtrot – rough start, small movement, timing not there
Tango – Timing on Reverse turn needs work, more crispness needed
International Stytle
Andrew and Rachel
Waltz – timing at beginning was suspect, good movement, good smiles overall, good frame
   Andrew – get around to line of dance on Natural Turn
Quickstep – Spin Turn must go straight back, basics were good – saw heel leads after chasse in 2nd round
    Rachel – keep head left more
Sam and Erin
Waltz – very strong all around – good timing and patterns – lets get you a silver pattern and also work on Double Reverse Spin
    Whisk may need work
Quickstep – nice floorcrafting – be sure not to cut off the corner too much, 2nd round brain cramp – it happens, don’t beat yourself up over it – we need to put more practice time in   Let’s look at tipple chasse

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